Paddling into the sunset


Sarah borrowed a paddle board from a neighbour and chased the sunset out onto Greenland Dock.

Paddle boarding is a sport that originated in Hawaii in 1900s. The boarder stands upright on a 9ft to 12ft board, and paddles through the water.

The board Sarah borrowed is an inflatable design that packs up into a holdall from Decathlon. Prices start around £300.

Paddle boarding has become become popular in the past few years thanks to modern design and manufacture. It’s a good alternation to surfboarding when there are no waves – or you’re on a dock.

Keeping warm

Keeping warm

We’ve got a solid fuel stove on board with a back boiler connected to a calorifier. The calorifier supplies hot water to the boat and a heating circuit to two radiators.

In time we’ll upgrade all the pipework so that we can pressurise the system to improve the effectiveness and efficiency.