About Zeelands Luister


Zeelands Luister is a dutch barge that was built in 1928. She was last used commercially for fishing trips in Zeeland on the Schelde rivers in the Netherlands.

The boat has subsequently been converted into a live aboard barge with two sleeping cabins, a bathroom, kitchen and living accommodation. I bought her in the Summer of 2013 as a place to live when I’m in London.

She’s moored at Greenland Dock on the River Thames.

The previous owners spent a great deal of time and energy working on the hull, engine and on-board systems. We’re continuing that work. This blog is ongoing story her restoration. She’s a labour of love.

Stephen Waddington
January 2014

2 thoughts on “About Zeelands Luister

  1. In 1977 I worked on Zeeland Luister 2 a Dutch estuary barge with the original engine and sails. converted then has a “Yacht” The owner Captain Robert Brown purchased it in Salen on Loch Sunart and we took it through the Caledonian canal and down the North sea and then up the Thames to Thames Ditton. I am quite sure your boat is not the same one, but it brings back great memories. I have looked for the boat I worked on, but no luck in finding her

  2. She is looking very lovely. Great you are continuing with her preservation.. Vivien and Tim Bruce

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