Paddling into the sunset


Sarah borrowed a paddle board from a neighbour and chased the sunset out onto Greenland Dock.

Paddle boarding is a sport that originated in Hawaii in 1900s. The boarder stands upright on a 9ft to 12ft board, and paddles through the water.

The board Sarah borrowed is an inflatable design that packs up into a holdall from Decathlon. Prices start around £300.

Paddle boarding has become become popular in the past few years thanks to modern design and manufacture. It’s a good alternation to surfboarding when there are no waves – or you’re on a dock.

Back in the dock


This blog has been much neglected over the past 12 months.

We’ve spent the time overhauling and modernising the houseboat. We’ll share the story with you in the coming weeks.

It’s a story of adventure, comedy, a journey, and ultimately a rebirth. You’ll meet a monster or two along the way and countless heros.

We’re back on the houseboat and the blog. Thanks for joining us.

Windlass overhaul

IMG_20170407_100908 (1)New parts for the anchor windlass engine. It’s located at the front of the boat in the stern and lifts the anchor. The engine is having a complete overhaul and we’re replacing filters and the petrol tank

Dropping anchor

unnamedAn intensive programme of work is underway to restore the anchor and windlass. It’s stiff after not being used for at least five years.

We’re removing the top plate to gain access to the engine and gearbox. It’ll be replaced with a newly fabricated steel plate that can be removed for servicing.

A programme of tender loving care will follow. The diesel engine needs servicing and the gears easing and greasing. The fuel tank will be removed and cleaned.

Once work is complete we’ll get a canvas cover made to prevent water ingress.

This is part of a programme of work to get Zeelands Luister river worthy by May. She’s heading to dry dock to have the hull checked and some fabrication work on the main deck and cabin.

Houseboat garden?

imageSaw this at Chelsea Flower Show. Posting here as inspiration for the boat. Next stop, researching plants, sourcing recycled containers and pots, and assembling an automated watering system.